Penis Straightener. Which One to Chose? TOP-8 Devices

A Bent Penis Is Not a Sentence: Penis Curvature Therapy with Penis straightener

The formation of ideas about the beautiful and regular shape of the penis begins long before puberty begins. The boys watch each other and make fun of those whose organ does not fit into the generally accepted framework. In adulthood, childhood experiences can be transformed into serious complexes leading to lower self-esteem and depression. 

But is it worth it to worry if devices have been developed for a long time? Intended to solve most of the male sexual problems associated with dissatisfaction with the size and curvature of the penis?

1) What results can be achieved with such rectifiers

Overview of popular models: the main features

There is a fairly wide range of devices on the market of penis extenders and stretchers(vacuum or rod-based), both from eminent manufacturers and frank fakes for popular counterparts. The following are considered the most popular.

#1. Quick Extender Pro – Responsiveness

This rod extender differs from competitors in the type of fastening. On the trunk of the penis, it is attached with two loops located from each other at a certain, unregulated distance. This type of attachment prevents the stagnation of blood and the occurrence of innervation or numbness of the head of the penis. The fastening system is patented and is called DSS (Double Strap Support). 

The use of Quick Extender Pro is most effective for correcting curvature, as it provides tension comfort along the shaft of the penis. The most noticeable results are recorded at the end of 3 weeks, the maximum at the end of 24.

It is supplied in several sets with a wide selection of accessories that minimize contact between the device and the penis and provide a certain degree of comfort. 

The curvature therapy is achieved due to the presence of special swivel mounts providing a rotation angle of up to 180 °. The maximum pulling force is 4000 g, which ensures the speed and reliability of the results. 

Disadvantage: the size of the Quick Extender Pro does not allow use during sleep.

#2. SizeGenetics – Effective Extension Cable

SizeGenetics is a rod model with a strap or loop fastener – both versions are included in the package. It is characterized by relative simplicity and affordability. FDA approved. It comes in several trim levels. There is a separate package for correcting the curvature.

The duration of the training should be 6-8 hours daily. The first results are noticeable at the end of 4 weeks. The maximum traction force is 2800 g.

Disadvantage: rather large dimensions of the device, the inability to use during night rest.

#3. Male Edge – 30% natural increase

The patented Danish development of the second generation of the strap-on rod extender. Male Edge comes in three packages that differ not only in price but also in the number of additional accessories. A distinctive feature of the modification is telescopic rods made of high-strength plastic, thanks to which the model is much lighter than analogs with metal rods.

No need for additional extension rods. The first results from using Male Edge are visualized within 1-4 months of using the device. The pulling force is 2800 g. The lightness of the design allows the use of the device during sleep.

#4. Penimaster PRO – three-in-one versatility

For fastening, the principle of vacuum adhesion is used. The advantage of Penimaster PRO penis straightening is the presence of a special membrane that reliably protects the head from a vacuum. The use of an adhesive gel ensures reliable fixation due to membrane adhesion without air access.

The main advantage is the participation of the head in traction, in contrast to the strap analogs, which act only on the barrel. Penimaster PRO comes in 6 different packages and 4 optional kits to extend the functionality of the standard model. Put on quickly enough (within a few seconds).

The camera involves mounting on an extender (an extension with metal rods), a stretcher (a stretcher with an elastic strap), or a hanger (a device for hanging loads – can withstand up to 7000 g). The tension force is 1150 g.

Using a Penimaster PRO stretcher allows you to provide several types of fasteners, due to which the multidirectional load is necessary to correct the curvature. Also, the device is easy to hide under clothes and can be used during sleep.

#6. Penimaster Chrome – German quality in every detail

Penimaster Chrome is a strap extender with an anatomical thrust ring, which is equipped with a spring mechanism. This feature allows you to provide multidirectional load, which is especially important for correcting the curvature of the penis.

The pulling force is 1150 g. With the help of additional packages, you can expand the functionality of the device to the Penimaster PRO version.

#7. Phallosan Forte – maximum features

Phallosan Forte vacuum system for penis length and curvature correction. Fastening is carried out due to the vacuum chamber, which gently acts on the head and allows the entire penis to feel the pulling force.

The presence of an elastic belt for attaching to the waist or shoulder provides multidirectional tension, relevant to correct curvature. It can be used as a stretcher. The maximum effort is 3000 g. It is allowed to use during sleep. 

#8. ProExtender – time-tested performance

ProExtender is the loopback rod extender is one of the first models of devices of this kind. Fastening is carried out due to the silicone loop located under the head of the penis. Due to the design features, it is able to reduce the curvature of the penis by 60-80% in 6 months of daily 6-8 hour use. The maximum tension is 1500 g.

How does it work?

The principle of the ProExtender device is based on the stimulation of the physiological response of the body to the tension force, which is provided by the device. 

  • In the place of tension, which counteracts defective curvature, at the moment of effort, a micro-fracture is formed, with a thickness of 1-2 layers of cells. At the same time, the regeneration (healing) of the damaged area is activated, an additional layer of cells is built up, the area of ​​the penile trunk is lengthened and the curvature is eliminated.

2) Can the penis curvature be corrected with a penis stretcher?

Possibilities of modern developments

Changing the angle of inclination, slight curvature or explicit curvature of the penis is a fairly common problem. There are several reasons for this pathology:

  • congenital deformity;
  • pathological changes due to trauma;
  • diagnosis of Peyronie’s disease.

Nevertheless, for any pathology, the use of a penis straightener as a therapeutic method is suitable. Unlike the surgery that was used to correct the curvature of the male penis in the last century, penis straightening device has no contraindications, but it has significant advantages.

Since the early 2000s, more than one clinical study has been conducted in the medical environment on the effectiveness of such devices as the main method in the treatment of penile curvature.

As evidence of the effectiveness of the use of devices, one can cite a scientific study initiated by a group of andrologists Eric Chung and Gerald Brock from Australia and Canada, proving the effectiveness of stretchers and extenders in the treatment of male penis curvature: Penile traction therapy and Peyronie’s disease: a state of art review of the current literature. Its results were published in February 2013 and indicate that:

  • the effectiveness of the use of extenders in the treatment of the acute phase of Peyronie’s disease is noted;
  • 30% of test participants were able to completely get rid of the pathology;
  • 30% of the focus group participants recorded a decrease in the angle of curvature by 25 °.

The result of the study suggests that the use of such devices to correct penile deformities as rehabilitation and independent therapeutic method is allowed.

3) How does it work medically

The physiological response of the body

According to the reports of medical tests and studies, the principle of action of penis straightener is based on the physiology of the body. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that during stretching in those places where the tissues experience the greatest load, microcracks are formed with a thickness of not more than 1-2 layers of cells forming erectile tissues.

Do not worry that the appearance of micro-fractures will be associated with painful sensations. This is fundamentally wrong. The thickness of one layer of cells is 10 times thinner than a regular sheet of paper. Therefore, by applying an effort to tear one layer, you can feel a slight tingling and itching at the place of rupture. Usually, these sensations are guided when setting up a penis traction device.

4) How to determine the problem for yourself – genetic or not?

Determine the diagnosis

There are two main causes of penis curvature – genetic and acquired. In order to determine which one is present in a man, there is no need to run to an andrologist appointment. This can be done by yourself.

The genetic cause of penile curvature

In order to understand exactly what caused the appearance of a defect in the form of curvature of the penis, it is necessary to use the palpation method. Use soft massaging movements to feel the trunk of the penis at and around the curvature. If the fingers feel a uniform consistency, the absence of tubercles and seals, then the cause of the curvature is genetic.

Acquired pathology

If a tubercle is felt during palpation of the penile trunk at the site of curvature, a seal with clear or blurry edges is evidence of a fibrous plaque. The growth of fibrous tissue can be:

  • due to penile injuries
  • surgical intervention and improper rehabilitation,
  • due to the development of Peyronie’s disease.

The latter can also progress, which is characterized by the appearance of new seals, chronic pain, and the development of erectile dysfunction.

5) What else to use? Vitamin E, Bathmate Penis Pump

Auxiliary methods in the fight against the curvature

To accelerate the results of training with a stretcher, you can use auxiliary methods. The main ones are taking orally (inside) tocopherol (vitamin E) and periodically using the hydraulic pump for the penis. Combining these methods, you can achieve incredible results in reducing the angle of curvature in a fairly short time, subject to the regime.

Vitamin E (tocopherol)

This capsule product is also part of drugs that are effective against Peyronie’s disease. Being a fat-soluble antioxidant, vitamin E increases the elasticity of blood vessels and has a beneficial effect on erectile function. 

In addition, it activates the regeneration of micro-fractures that are caused by the use of a stretcher. Healing and building up of new layers is much faster and without the risk of the formation of fibrous scars.

In addition, tocopherol is involved in the production of male sex hormones and helps to improve erectile function.

Bathmate Hydro Penis Pump

The most effective combination of methods for eliminating the curvature of the penis is a hydro pump like Bathmate and a penis extender. The device stretches erectile tissue, counteracting the angle of inclination. Using a Bathmate pump allows you to speed up and increase the efficiency of this device. 

You should not use a conventional penis pump in which the vacuum is created by air. Thus, you can cause significant harm and get side effects in the form of bruising and impaired microcirculation.

Using the Bathmate hydraulic pump, in which a vacuum is created by water, you can achieve:

  • stepless adjustment of vacuum;
  • soft impact on stretched penis tissue;
  • restoration of natural blood flow;
  • the gradual rush of blood, filling the cavernous bodies of the penis.

Using warm water in the Bathmate‘s tube to create a vacuum ensures uniform heating of the penis and helps increase the elasticity of its tissues, as well as stimulate regenerative functions. Thanks to this, the result achieved by the stretcher is fixed.

The device also helps to restore erectile function, a violation of which is characteristic of Peyronie’s disease.

6) What is better to choose – a rod-strap or vacuum rectifier?

Strap or vacuum: the benefits of different models

Penis straightener has two main varieties of rod-strap or vacuum. It is impossible to say unequivocally that one of them is worse than the other. They differ in the principle of action and the implementation of traction.

In vacuum models, the multidirectional effect of the tension force is carried out through the use of an elastic belt – stretcher. It is attached to the vacuum chamber in which the head of the penis is placed, and can be attached to the hip, waist, or shoulder of the user. 

This provides the necessary angle of inclination, which counteracts the existing curvature. An important advantage of vacuum models is their small size, which allows them to be worn under clothes, as well as used during night vacations.

Rod-strap extenders are no less effective for correcting the curvature of the penis. In them, the tension force that counteracts the curvature of the penis is realized due to the rotary mechanism, as well as adjusting the level of tension of the rods of the device. 

By independently adjusting the degree of exposure, you can achieve painless and lasting results. Perhaps for some users, the disadvantage will be the significant weight and size of such modifications that can be worn under clothes only of a free cut or larger, as well as the inability to use during sleep.

7) Possible side effects

Side effects: how safe is the device

A penis straightener like the Quick Extender Pro is an orthopedic medical device. It is used not only as a therapeutic method for correcting curvature but also in penis surgery as a rehabilitation therapeutic method. This is due to the fact that the device is able to achieve such a tension force that would prevent the development of scars.

Therefore, the use of a penis straightener does not have side effects and is not associated with a health risk if the user consistently increases the tension force, acting according to the instructions and focusing on his own feelings.

It is necessary to act consistently, adhering to the adaptive period, if one is provided. And then you can achieve incredible results absolutely safely and painlessly.

8) Use in prophylaxis after surgical straightening of the penis

Features: surgical applications

One of the uses of Penis straightener is rehabilitation after phalloplasty or any other surgical procedure performed on the penis. Since surgery involves making incisions in places of defective changes, in the postoperative period without the use of stretchers, a relapse of the disease due to the formation of fibrous scars is possible. As a result of this, a relapse of curvature can be observed, as well as a decrease in the length of the penis by 1 cm or more.

A study published in 2007 Preservation of penile length after radical prostatectomy: early intervention with a vacuum erection device indicates the effectiveness of the use of vacuum extenders in the postoperative period in men undergoing radical prostatectomy. It was noted that not only the preservation of the length of the penis was recorded, but also a significant improvement in erectile function.  

9) First-person customer reviews

They say about him: reviews of those who have already achieved results

Carl: I still can’t believe that the disease that has tormented me for more than 5 years has receded in some six months. 6 months – and no plaques, as well as a breathtaking erection. Which has not been since adolescence.

Steven : I want to share my story – the stretcher bought for a long time, but all the time I was worried that someone would notice my secret. The impetus for its use was periodically appearing pain in the penis and a complete disorder in sexual terms. Wore every day for 5 months, now is the sixth. I feel that the seals that were in the curvature of the penis have almost disappeared. Therefore, I intend to continue therapy and recommend it to those who still doubt.

Benjamin : it’s just a complete fly away! I no longer need to wait until everyone leaves the toilet in order to recover, as I have long suffered sympathetic and mocking looks because of my crooked “friend”. Stretcher helped to cope with the problem in 4.5 months. If you still choose between operation and device, I recommend a stretcher. Because it is painless and quite effective!

10) What experts say, such as 

Expert opinion on Penis straightener

The study of penile deformation and the search for effective methods of its therapy are carried out by specialists in the field of surgery and andrology around the world.

One of the leading experts who has published more than one publication on the treatment of curvatures and pathological deformities of the male penis is Professor of Medicine, Dr. Laurence A. Levine, MD.

Today, thanks to his research, he is considered one of the few successful clinicians who have studied Peyronie’s disease, male infertility, and erectile dysfunction. The academic contributions of Laurence A. Levine, MD include 160 published articles and 45 book chapters, as well as two books on Peyronie’s disease. 

His study, Penile Traction Therapy for Treatment of Peyronie’s Disease: A Single-Center Pilot Study, published in 2008, is recognized by the global medical community and cited by researchers in subsequent clinical tests and studies. 

According to Laurence A. Levine, MD, who also performs surgeries to remove particularly complex penile deformities, stretchers are the best way to correct bending. By the duration of their use, they are equal to surgical intervention, since the latter requires a long rehabilitation period, as well as medical supervision and hospitalization. The stretcher is not associated with a risk to the life and health of the patient, and also allows you to achieve significant results painlessly enough.

The non-surgical method Laurence A. Levine, MD, which is an active supporter of the use of traction therapy to eliminate pathological deformities of the penis, provides for a “three-armed protocol”:

  1. Oral therapy, including amino acids L-arginine and L-citrulline;
  2. Intralesional injections of verapamil;
  3. stretch therapy using Penis straightener.

According to Laurence A. Levine, MD: “Early initiation of non-surgical treatment of patients in the acute phase can reduce the likelihood of disease progression. It has been proven that up to 50% of men suffering from the acute phase of Peyronie’s disease can report disease progression if they do nothing at all as a treatment. ”

11) Drugs that can help with member straightening

Additional support: use of special drugs

Laurence A. Levine, MD in its practice actively recommends the use of bioactive additives and drugs to eliminate pathologies in the form of curvature of the male penis. The main distinguishing feature of such drugs is the content of the amino acid complex, including L-arginine and L-citrulline. Popular drugs that have won the trust of patients are:

  • Male Extra is a dietary supplement with the active substance L-arginine – an amino acid that activates the production of muscle fibers, thereby contributing to the rapid healing of micro-fractures that appear as a result of traction therapy. In addition to the active substance, the drug contains a complex of plant extracts that can beneficially affect the reproductive and erectile functions of the male body;
  • ExtenZe – is the most effective method of therapy in combination with a stretcher, as it contains a complex of substances, including L-arginine, accelerating the healing of microcracks and the restoration of sexual activity:
  • Folic acid – a stimulator of the regenerative properties of cells;
  • zinc oxide and pregnanolone – a catalyst for the synthesis of collagen and the level of sex hormones.

12) Why surgery to straighten a penis is dangerous

Penis traction device benefits as an alternative to surgery

Surgical intervention, including surgery to eliminate penile deformities, is associated with a significant risk not only to health but also to the life of the patient. This is due to the fact that:

  • the operation is performed using anesthesia, which can cause cardiac arrest in patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases;
  • it is not always possible to accurately predict the course of the operation and the duration of anesthesia, which after a certain period of time can contribute to the death of brain cells;
  • the consequences of the operation can also be irreversible – the appearance of chronic pain, a long postoperative period, insufficient regeneration of damaged tissues;
  • the most characteristic feature of the postoperative period is a decrease in the length of the penis and relapse (reappearance) of the deformities.


How does it work?

The physiological response of the body to such an effect is the activation of the regenerating function, that is, the cells in the place of maximum tension begin to actively divide to fill the micro-fracture. The task of the penis straightener is to correctly distribute the load in the place where the angle of curvature is concentrated. Stretching the penis is necessary to achieve efforts that can straighten the body. Then, at the site of micro-fractures, a new layer of cells will build up, which helps to eliminate the defect.

What are the side effects?

When using the penis straightener, it is important to follow the instructions and not to rush to increase the tension or angle, if such actions cause severe pain. The appearance of painful sensations indicates that the user forces an increase in the load, which can lead to organ injuries.

What are the benefits?

Using Penis straightener completely eliminates the appearance of such negative consequences. An important feature of such devices is the irreversibility of the results and the absence of side effects. Gently and painlessly providing tension at the point of curvature, with a Penis straightener you can achieve a lasting result in eliminating the curvature. The most important advantage is the absence of risks to life and health and an excellent therapeutic effect.

Which penis extender is the best?

It depends on the technology you choose and the construction of the penis extender. There are vacuum and rod extenders. If you use vacuum adhesion technology, you can avoid any harm to your penis but it will take longer to straighten your penis than using rod extenders. The classic penis traction device is much more effective, but you will need to follow the instructions to avoid any side effects

How to use a penis straightening device?

1. You need to wear the extender 2. You need to customize it for yourself 3. You need to set up the tension 4. You have to choose the correct length of the bars 5. You need to feel comfortable

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